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Flora Information Database

What's new

ILORA version 1.1 is now online with occurrence data. Read the data paper HERE

Database published. Read HERE

ILORA version 1.0 is now online. Access data from HERE

The Indian aLien flOra infoRmAtion (ILORA) database is a platform providing ecological, socio-economic, and geographic attributes for more than 1700 alien plant species ever reported from India. This informed database, being developed from extensive curation of several Indian as well as global resources, is intended to provide an integrated repository capable of assisting ongoing and upcoming research activities and development of the existing national scenario of alien plant species in India. ILORA is novel and dynamic in every possible way and therefore, is open for discussions, ideas and assistance from all quarters.
Quick numbers

ILORA version 1.0 has:

Family: 175

Genus: 910

Species: 1747

Traits: 14

Habitats: 38

Economic uses: 50

Occurrences: 40,724

Data sources: 22

Brief overview

ILORA version 1.0​ currently holds the following traits


Origin and invasion status

General information

Pathway and time of introduction

Economic uses and market dynamics

Native and naturalized ranges

Geographic distribution (see ILORA version 1.1)

Climatic requirement

ILORA version 1.1 has:

Family: 72

Species: 362

Occurrences: 12,347

Habitats: 31

Data sources: 3494

ILORA welcomes new data submission


ILORA is dynamic in every possible way. Therefore, we now call for experts to check the data and contribute new data. For any potential mistake, submission of new data for the existing variables, and a proposal for novel variables to be included in ILORA, please contact any of the core team members.

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