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ILORA is accessible to anyone and open to suggestions, discussions and novel ideas.

Here you can find details to contact us.


If you plan to use ILORA in your study, it is highly advisable to check with our core team members for recent updates of the variables (although we try to update the website on a regular basis, ILORA is expected to be much more dynamic than us). Further, we also encourage to check with us if an analysis similar to your plan is already ongoing. This may save your efforts and in that case, you are welcome to be a part of the team. Drop an email here:


If you wish to submit data for the existing variables in ILORA, please check the data standards HERE. If you wish to propose new variables to be included in the database, please contact one of our core team members (click HERE). ILORA may also provide collaboration opportunities, so if you are interested to be a part of the team, please drop an email at:

For all other general queries, you can contact us by filling this form with particulars:

Thanks for submitting!

Please do not forget to put up an informative subject for your email in all your correspondences, We surely do not want to miss your message.

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